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Wildfowl Journal

For the scientific community, or anyone wanting to read the science behind many of our conservation projects, our yearly Wildfowl journal incorporates a selection of scientific papers on subjects including wetland habitats, species populations, distribution and behaviour.

The journal can be received as part of a membership package, or you can contact the Wildfowl editorial office to request copies are sent to you. You can also read many of the back issues of Wildfowl on our website.

It now disseminates original material on the ecology, biology and conservation of wildfowl (Anseriformes) and ecologically-associated birds (such as waders, rails and flamingos), and on their wetland habitats.

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Ramsar Wetland Disease Manual

Guidelines for Assessment, Monitoring and Management of Animal Disease in Wetlands (Ramsar Technical Report No. 7)

Ramsar Wetland Disease ManualThis Manual is aimed primarily at wetland managers, as well as wetland policy makers, recognising the key role that wetland managers play in prevention of disease problems.

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