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Researchers fit satellite tags to unlock secrets of ‘lost’ geese

Posted on 20th February 2013 by WWT

Researchers in Bulgaria have taken the largest ever catch of Endangered red-breasted geese and fitted satellite tracking devices in a bid to unlock one of the biggest mysteries of the natural world. Just over ten years [...]

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Icicles and poo - studying geese in Bulgaria

Posted on 20th February 2012 by Anne Harrison

It’s week six of my trip now and the last few weeks have been eventful. Unfortunately it’s not all good news. The cannon netting team left empty handed on 2 February after a month of setting and re-setting nets in &[...]

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Weather challenges red-breasted goose research

Posted on 20th January 2012 by Anne Harrison

I’m Anne and have been working at WWT for six years now – I’ve recently started a new role in the Species Recovery Unit after transferring over from WWT Consulting. I’m now spending most of my time working on the[...]

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