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The safety inspection… five days to go

I can breathe a sigh of relief this morning as the safety insepctor from the Council has been out to inspect the canoe safari and all the associated paper work and I am pleased to say everything is fine and we can open on Monday!

There is still lots of activity happening – the materials for den buidling has started to arrive, we are getting all the interpretation to print, the cladding is being done on the kiosk – although I am a little worried about the short time span we have to do the internal fitting in the kiosk and I may be working late one night to do all of the painting. The men I work with have been fantastic – John, Graham, Dan, Russel, Kristian, Alan, Matthew and Martin have all been great and put in the hours to help get the attraction open.

In other news, we have electricty to the kiosk and canoe barn and the swinging elements of the new play area are being fitted today.

I will put a picture on here of the canoe safari team we have hired later today.

Pete Bullen, Maintenance Manager

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It’s all coming together: six days to go

Things are really starting to take shape at the Canoe Safari. The kiosk arrived safely yesterday and was erected – we still need to do the cladding but the electrician is in today doing work on both the kiosk and the canoe barn. The play area is being fitted today and this should be completed to allow us to put bark down tomorrow. The den building area is almost complete but we are waiting on the arrival of the conifer and materials to make the dens out of and to everyones delight the canoes have arrived today.

We have taken on three members of staff to run the safari and they are busy doing final pruning and planting on the actual safari itself.It’s all go and I will let you know the progress tomorrow.

Pictures below are of den building, the canoes, the kiosk and the fitting of the play area.

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Seven days to go

Andy has taken the opportunity to take a few days off just prior to the launch of the canoe safari and the Easter holidays so I thought it would be a good opportunity to report each day on the final progress of the canoe safari. I haev asked Pete our Maintenance Manager to let me know each day what is happening to count down to the launch.

I have also attached below a picture of Nene goslings that are starting to spring up around the grounds.

Victoria Fellowes: Marketing Manager

Today at the safari the play area has arrived! It will be fitted today and tomorrow with today mainly being the layout and digging of holes to concrete tomorrow. After the play area is fitted we will then be puttign bark down underneath. Pete is also waiting on a call for the delivery time of the kiosk that will need to be fitted out this week and make sure the electrical items are working properly. The canoes are due to arrive tomorrow so everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed!

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Planting at the canoe safari

With the opening day looming I have today been out on the Canoe Safari with some of our volunteers, planting Phragmies. There is still lots of preparation for the opening in a few weeks time, so i decided to lend a hand as the sun was shining. There have been a few gliches along the way but that is to be expected with such a large project.

Everyone has been getting ready for the Easter Holiday activities that start from Saturday running until 26 April, the holidays are the whole of April due to different boroughs having their hoildays at different times, so we have a busy month ahead of us.

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11 April for canoe safari launch and sneak preview of the playarea

The date has been set for the launch of the canoe safari for our visitors: Monday 11 April

The canoe safari will be open everyday from 11 April until Sunday 31 October starting at 10am in the morning and the last canoe will go out at approximately 3.30pm. Obviously we can have groups come along outside of these times.

The cost for the canoe will be £5 a boat (£1.66 each if 3 in a boat) and you will be able to stay on the experience for up to 45 minutes.

In addition to the canoe safari on 11 April we will also have a new play area by the safari and a permanent den building area. There will also be a kiosk with plenty of picnic space. The boat store is being constructed at the moment, please see a picture below.

Work will continue after the 11 April though as we wil be installing compost toilets that will hopefully be up and running by early June. The electric boat will start about a month later once we are happy that the canoes are up and running with no issues.

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Sneak preview of the canoe safari

It was an exciting day yesterday.

Brookbank Canoes, a local company based in Stockport, brought a couple of different styles of canoes to Martin Mere and some staff were able to have a go so that we could chose the style of canoe for our canoe safari.

This did allow us to go out and explore the area as well and start to get a feel for what the safari will be like, which also means I can give you a sneak preview of the new attraction! There is still alot of landscaping to be done before opening in April but take a look and see what you think.

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