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More nest material and more flounders

Today the female was on the nest from 8am calling for AW to bring in a fish. At just after 10.30am he obliged and brought in a flounder for his mate which she took and flew off to a tree nearby to eat. He stayed on the nest for a while, kicking back to form the nest cup. There are a few new large sticks on the nest since yesterday and it looks like the black plastic may have blown away in the strong winds last night. All still looking good for a successfuk season.

AW back on the block with a flounder

At 11.05 this morning AW flew onto the nest with a large flounder. Those pesky crows landed on the nest behind him but he soon saw them off and proceeded to eat his catch. There are a lot of new sticks on the nest today so they have been busy. The female flew in at 12.10 but AW didn’t seem willing to share his fish. A frosty atmosphere? Probably not, he is more than likely very hungry after spending his first 2 days back driving off the intruder male. Hopefully he has succeeded but as I write both are on the nest and looking all round as if on gaurd duty