WWT Caerlaverock

Bug Month

Thu 1 June - Fri 30 June

Interested in insects? Besotted with bugs? Then be sure to take part in our 'Bug Month' activities throughout the month of June:

All sorts of exciting creatures live in the undergrowth on wetlands! Different plants are homes and food for a range of minibeasts including bugs, beetles, flies, bees, spiders, butterflies and dragonflies.

  • Hire a Rucksack to help you find and identify bugs. Includes a bug pot, magnifying glass and identification guides, recording sheets.
  • Follow the Bug trail. Includes interesting facts about ladybirds, dragonflies, butterflies, aphids etc.
  • Do bug crafts in the Yurt.
  • See what we have caught in the moth trap. Monday to Friday.
  • Take an insect spotter sheet and see what you can find!
  • Pond dipping

Search under stones for worms, newts, beetles, ants. Look on leaves for caterpillars and aphids. Turn over dead wood to find centipedes and millipedes. Walk through our wildflower meadow to find butterflies, bees, dragonflies, damselflies, hoverflies and ladybirds. Learn what moths come out at night by investigating our moth trap to see stunning moths – you may even find a hawkmoth! Dip in the pond to see what creatures are swimming in the water – can you find a water boatman, pond skater, freshwater shrimp or even a great diving beetle?!!