WWT Castle Espie

"Changing Light"


Join us from Saturday 1st July - Sunday 13th August for 'Changing Light', an exhibition by Howard Ross and Julie Boston. 

For the past 20 years Howard Ross has been painting in oils. This medium has allowed him to reflect in his work his love of colour, light and brush marks.

Howard finds that he connects especially with the landscape and sea around him, taking inspiration from great artists of the past, in particular the artists of the Impressionist movement. Their freedom of expression and ability to represent an image with few brush marks in a liberating way really inspire him.

Julie Boston's interest in Art began at Sullivan Upper School, Holywood where the main focus of her art work was creative embroidery and textile design. Julie continued her studies at Queens University, Stranmillis College and went on to teach. It was during this time that she discovered the positive impact that art can have in developing emotional communication, self-worth and confidence.

For the past 15 years Julie has been concentrating on painting, first using the medium of watercolour and then oil, with paintings mainly inspired by the Irish landscape. Julie finds that as well as responding emotionally to places, people and the environment, she is attracted to movement  and light, changes in water and sky and their interaction with trees, rocks and grasses.

Julie continually strives to capture the beauty, power and emotion of the landscapes she loves with energy, commitment and increasing confidence.