WWT London

Dragonfly Week

Sat 15 July - Sun 23 July

The British Dragonfly Society will be joining us at the London Wetland Centre for the whole of Dragonfly Week 2017 celebrating these fascinating insects. 

BDS members will offer visitors great ID tips, lead walks and answer dragonfly questions. They will also be introducing the society’s brand-new Dragonfly Challenge – a spotting activity for all!

Dragonflies and their smaller cousins damselflies belong to the ancient, toothed-jaw insect order Odonata which flew with dinosaurs. Healthy aquatic habitats are vital for dragonfly and damselfly life cycles and the carefully maintained ponds at London Wetland Centre are an ideal home for both.

With sunshine and patience, you may spot some of the Centre’s 22 species hunting, patrolling or mating. You could meet stately emperors and inquisitive hawkers then stalk basking skimmers or flitting chasers. You might gaze on delicate Red-eyed damselflies and even spy the lovely Banded Demoiselle.

Plus, on Wednesday 19 and Saturday 22 July a dragonfly enthusiast from the British Dragonfly Society will be leading guided walks at 11am and 2pm.

These informal, 30-minute walks are for everyone so why not take the opportunity for a delightful encounter with these colourful summer spirits. The walks start in the Courtyard and follow a level route.

The walk is free with paid admission to the Centre, but places are limited so you must pre-book. Please call 020 8409 4400.