WWT Martin Mere

Downy Duckling Week

Sat 27 May - Sun 4 June

Visit the award winning Downy Duckling Week
- from Saturday 27 May to Sunday 4 June

  • See the whole egg-to-duckling process, watch chipping eggs in anticipation and meet newly hatched ducklings 11am and 4pm.
  • Take part in fascinating 'candling' workshops (where a light is used to look inside an egg). Workshops start every half hour in our Lecture Theatre between 11am and 4pm (remember to book your slot at the Visitor Services desk on arrival - tickets are limited so get them when you arrive before they run out!).
  • Visit our duckling nursery between 11.30am and 3.30pm to meet our fluffy ducklings and goslings.

Additional activities

  • Otter talk: Meet our 3 cheeky Asian otters as you watch them forage, swim, rest, sleep and bath in the sunshine. 11.30am and 2.30pm.
  • Come and learn about our flamingos and see their chicks in our daily flamingo talk at 3pm
  • Take part in family crafts between 1pm and 4pm in the Wigeon room (some crafts have a small charge)
  • Have a go at den building and swing, climb, clamber, splash and play in our adventure playground
  • Canoe safari & boat tours: Pick up a paddle and canoe your way around or drift along on a boat tour (£7 per canoe, seats 3. £3 per boat seat).  Click here for further information on the canoe safari and boat tours
  • Wild walk: Have a muddy adventure with wobbly bridges, mucky meadows, a reedy ramble & hidden treasures.  Click here for further information about Wild Walk