WWT Martin Mere

World Record Attempt

Sat 10 June - Sun 2 July

This June, as part of our Mini-beast Month, we'll be attempting to create the World's Largest Bug Hotel!

The current record as defined by Guiness World Record is 10 cubic square metres - we are aiming for 16 cubic square metres and we need your help to do it!

How can you help?

We need 1000 of our visitors to fill 25cm square boxes full of materials that our bugs would love.  Everyone who completes a section places their name in a log book, that will be sent to the Guiness World Records, so you are recorded as a supporter of the record.

You can do this a number of ways:

  • During Downy Duckling Week (27 May - 4 June) we will have flat pack boxes available for you to take away and bring back full after the 10 June. You will be able to put your section straight into the bug hotel so you will know where to find it every time you visit.
  • From 10 June, the boxes and material will be found the in Dome next to the cafe for you to fill one and place in the hotel during your visit - just don't forget to put your name in the log book!

The bug hotel will be located in the Wild Walk experience and will remain a permanent feature in the grounds.

With thanks to DS Smith’s Burscough site for providing Martin Mere with the boxes to create our bug hotel: