WWT Slimbridge

You'll be tickled pink when you see the UK’s largest flock of flamingos in their stunning new home Flamingo Lagoon.

The new spectacular habitat has a sunken observatory so you can see a really unique view through the legs of these mesmerising birds.

Visitors flocked to the opening day on Tuesday (July 17) dressed in pink.

Relax in the stunning new observatory as you take-in the colours and sounds of the lagoon with its 250 leggy birds. The new habitat which mimics an African wetland features special islands is perfect for the Greater flamingos to roost and nest and should encourage them to breed so we'll have lots of families next year.

Sally Munro, marketing manager, said: “The flamingos are a firm favourite here with young and old visitors.

“The flamingo lagoon is the perfect habitat for our magnificent flock and also will allow visitors an amazing view of them and their offspring."




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Flamingo images by Barry Bachelor