WWT Welney

Dusty's Wildlife Rangers

Sat 22 July - Sun 3 September

Will you take up the challenge and become a Wildlife Ranger this summer?

Time: Visitor centre and reserve open 9.30am - 5pm daily, see below for activity details. 

Cost: Included in the price of admission and free for WWT members and under 4s (no need to book).

Take part in six fun activities and explore our wetlands while learning essential spotting and surveying skills.

When you arrive on site you'll receive your FREE Wildlife Ranger log book packed with everything you need for a day of exciting discoveries.

Daily self-guided activities, 9.30am – 5pm include...
Big Bug Hunt:
Pick up an explorer backpack from admissions and use the kit inside to spot different minibeasts on your adventure around Welney. 

Spot a Dragonfly and a Damselfly: Sit quietly by the pond and watch the dragonflies and damselflies whizz about.  They might look similar but watch closely, can you spot what makes them different?  Top tip: watch them land. 

Make a bird feeder: Inspired by our bird feeding station?  Why not make your own to take home and you could encourage goldfinches, blue tits and chaffinches into your garden. 

We also have activities which are available daily, self-guided or have a go with a guide on Wednesdays...

Pond Exploring: What lies beneath the murky waters of a pond? Use one of our nets to find out, who knows what you might discover.

Dissect an owl pellet: You can learn alot from an owl pellet.  Come and find out about our favourite birds of prey.  What do they eat, where do they hunt? 

On Wednesdays only, with a guide....

Moth discoveries: What will we find as we look at the diferent moths that have arrived at Welney overnight?