Bringing wetlands back to life

Wetlands are essential for life. They are habitats for amazing wildlife and provide drinking water for all living creatures. However, they are also one of our most threatened landscapes. By making a few changes, you can make a real difference and help us reverse the decline of wetlands.

Ponds and streams make vital wetland homes. Yet, we’ve lost around 50% of our ponds in the last century. And more than a third of the world’s wetlands were lost between 1970 and 2015.

Wetlands, ponds, and the wildlife that thrives in them need your help. Creating a pond or mini-wetland is one of the most important things you can do for wildlife in your garden.

Take action today to help us reverse the decline of wetlands. You can pledge to make a difference at home with a pond or mini-wetland, or you can make a change to help wetlands across the UK.

Pledge for wetlands

Ponds, streams and even your drainpipe can all be vital wetland homes. They’re an easy and inexpensive way to bring benefits to you, your community and local wildlife. Here are four ways you can help wetlands:

  • Ponds for big spaces

    Build a pond in your garden today – and wildlife such as amphibians, insects and birds will soon come! Read our step by step pond-building guide.
  • Mini-wetlands for smaller spaces

    If you don’t have space for a pond, you can still make a difference for local wildlife. Read our gardening-for-wetlands guide and discover how to make your own drainpipe mini-wetland.
  • Use peat-free compost

    Careful gardening can play a big part in the fight against wetland loss. By using peat-free compost or soil you will be protecting vital wetland habitats and the future of our planet. Find out how to go peat-free in your garden.
  • Save water

    Wetlands work really hard for us but they can only do this when they are well cared for. One way you can help wetlands is to be mindful of how much water you use at home and what you put down the drain. Get water saving tips on wetland-friendly living.

Help us to create and restore national and international wetlands

We’re saving the world’s rarest duck in Madagascar and supporting the spoon-billed sandpipers of East-Asia by protecting their wetland habitat. We’ve also created one of the UK’s largest new wetland reserves at Steart in Somerset.

This is all possible thanks to the support of people like you. We can do so much more:

Together we will bring wetlands back to life.