We’d ideally influence everyone to safeguard wetlands, but we’d spread ourselves too thin if we tried as there is so much to do.

Often it makes sense to team up with others to get results, especially where issues are complex and need a lot of effort. Sometimes though, we might be able to make a difference by using our influence to get issues resolved for wetlands.

There are people out there who are already doing similar stuff to us, like running wetland centres in countries around the world, or influencing government.

And there are proposed development schemes such as hydroelectric dams or offshore wind farms which, despite their broad political or social importance, could have massive consequences for the wetlands we all cherish.

So for these reasons we work closely with many different individuals and organisations. Often these relationships work really well because our aims and objectives overlap nicely. But sometimes they don’t, and in these cases we have to be unstinting in our advocacy for wetlands.