Much of the UK landscape in covered in hard surfaces like roofs, road and pavements. These hard surfaces stop rain water from soaking into the ground and can contribute to flooding problems as well as enabling pollutants like petrol and oil to be picked up and carried into our natural wetlands.

SuDS are the solution to this challenge - garden, landscape, structural and drainage features that absorb, slow and filter the water when it rains. They also provide the ideal opportunity to bring urban wetlands and other wildlife-friendly green spaces into our daily lives.


WWT, in partnership with the RSPB, have published guidance on how to create SuDS that are great for wildlife and for people. The guidance is aimed at local authorities, landscape architects, developers and anyone wishing to deliver benefits for people and wildlife through SuDS.

Sustainable drainage systems guide (PDF, 5MB)


We have also produced a package of materials as part of the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) to help promote the use of SuDS that deliver for wildlife and people in catchments across the country.

SuDS presentation (PPT)

SuDS presentation (PDF)

Presentation script (PDF)


Guidance documents

SuDS Policy Linkages (PDF)

Responding to Consultations (PDF)

Practically demonstrating SuDS (PDF)


Case studies

Susi Earnshaw case study (PDF)

Hollickwood case study (PDF)

Powhillon case study (PDF)