Thank you for your interest in joining our Rich in Nature campaign for a strong 25 year environment plan. The Government’s 25 year plan consultation has been delayed, but we’re expecting it to be published soon.

We’d love you to be part of the campaign, so please do keep checking this page or follow us on Twitter @wwtworldwide to find out when the campaign starts.

Together, we can make sure that the Government’s 25 year environment plan really does help create a world rich in nature.

We need a long-term #planfornature to protect our natural world. We can't afford to treat nature as separate from our economy and society. In times of political change we can't afford to let our environment be forgotten. Otherwise, we'll lose our natural treasures and the benefits they bring us. Rich in Nature sets out WWT's practical proposals for a long-term plan.

We want nature to be at the heart of political decision-making, from our deals with other countries, through the way Parliament works, down to local decisions that affect us every day.

We’re all better off with more natural wonders like wetlands.

They enrich our lives in so many ways, from pure enjoyment to cleaner water, climate change mitigation and flood risk reduction.

We recommend the Government should:

  1. Commit to a 25 year environment plan, with open public and Parliamentary consultation
  2. Ensure UK environmental protection is as strong or stronger in our new relationship with the EU
  3. Introduce an annual Natural Wealth Statement to account for our natural capital
  4. Appoint catchment commissioners, with powers of mapping, coordinating and commissioning
  5. Establish guidance and accreditation for recognised green prescription providers

We hope you enjoy the report and agree with our proposals. Please do share it.

Nature is in trouble and needs our help, but we can make a difference.

First step: we need a strong, long-term #planfornature.