Anyone interested in wetlands can contribute to the debate at Wetland Futures. We’re an online network that meets regularly for conferences and workshops.

There’s a vast range of professionals in the UK whose work impacts on wetlands. Wetland Futures aims to appeal to the whole spectrum and create a space where we can discuss issues, work together and develop partnerships. We believe that sharing the best ideas from different sectors like this can help us find solutions that will help conserve, protect and create wetlands for people and wildlife to enjoy.

For a flavour of what we are look through the information and reports on past events below.

Wetland Futures 2015

Bridging the conservation gap between freshwater, saltwater & transitional wetlands.

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Wetland Futures 2014

Planning, ecosystem services and wetlands workshop benefits for people and wildlife

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Wetland Futures 2013

The Value of Healthy Wetlands – the contribution of wetlands to wildlife, economy and well-being.

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