Emergency appeal

Wetland wildlife needs you now

During the coldest months of the year wildlife is focused on just one thing, survival. Our sites provide essential food and shelter for all that need it.

As we face another national lockdown, the closure of all of our sites, with the exception of Steart Marshes, to visitors does not mean we stop operating. Every day our staff are on site doing essential work to ensure that wetland wildlife has a safe haven. The loss of income we have experienced due to Covid-19 severely impacts our ability to maintain and manage these precious places for wetland wildlife now and in the future.

Please donate today. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Help us as we battle to prevent invasive species endangering our fragile wetland habitats.

Help us look after our winter visitors.

Help us protect red-listed species like the curlew. One of the most pressing bird conservation priorities in the UK.