Save the European black-tailed godwit

Right now, in the whole of the UK, there is only a tiny, fragile breeding population of European black-tailed godwits left. This iconic wader - a truly breath taking part of our wildlife - will be extinct very soon without urgent action.

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We'll be working day & night to do everything we can to ensure their survival

We've created a solid and proven recovery plan to secure their future. But without funding, we can't start the round the clock work needed to save the black-tailed godwit.

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A gift from you today would:

  • Help us collect and incubate more eggs as soon as the birds start to nest
  • Pay for the round-the-clock conservation work we need to do to rear the chicks
  • Create ideal breeding habitats in the Fens to give them a safe place to breed each year
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Give more godwit
chicks a head start

By headstarting the chicks during the rearing period, we can fledge three to four chicks from each nest. Your support can help us collect these precious eggs, incubate them, hand rear the chicks during the day and night and keep them safe from predators when they're ready to be released.

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  • £10Pays for a scientific thermometer to ensure an incubator is just the right temperature for the chicks
  • £50From 12 people pays for a specialist, portable incubator to help us ensure eggs are kept warm, even in the field
  • £25Pays for scales to accurately weigh each precious egg to calculate how long it needs to be incubated for
  • £100Pays for 24 hours' conservation work needed to hand rear these precious chicks & create vital breeding habitats

24 hour conservation care

We have to carry out intensive round-the-clock work to rear the chicks, as well as create ideal breeding habitats in the Fens - giving them a safe and suitable place to return to each year to breed.

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