Enhancing the biodiversity of vital wetland habitats

Almost all life depends on wetlands, yet they are disappearing three times faster than forests. Peat wetlands store a third of the world’s total carbon, despite comprising only 3% of the earth's surface, but in England, alone, we’ve lost 90% of all the wetlands which once flourished with life across the country.

Protecting the wetlands we still have is paramount in fighting the environmental challenges we face. Since 2016, Eversheds Sutherland has risen to this call to action, enabling critical biodiversity enhancement work to take place across our UK wetland reserves.

At WWT Washington, Eversheds Sutherland has supported the restoration of vibrant wildflower meadows which now sustain over a hundred species of wildflower. And in the East of England, at WWT Welney, on Norfolk’s Ouse Washes, Eversheds Sutherland’s support has enabled analysis of the health of hedgerows and woodlands. At WWT London, Eversheds Sutherland has supported the creation of new shingle islands to support nesting waders while at WWT Castle Espie we’ve been able to build and trial specially designed rafts to encourage common terns to nest out on the water.

The support which Eversheds Sutherland provides is vital to the completion of vast and varied biodiversity work across our centres.

Our partnership to build biodiversity at our wetland reserves has also been supported on the ground by 286 Eversheds Sutherland volunteers to date and counting.