Inspiring future generations to care for wetlands

HSBC shares our belief that providing opportunities for young people to spend time immersed in nature is fundamental to developing their appreciation for the natural world and inspiring a new generation of conservationists to protect and care for our natural environment.

Over the last 6 years, our Inspiring Generations project with HSBC has provided the opportunity for thousands of children to experience wetlands – often for the first time – to learn and to be inspired to care about the natural world.

Together, through the support of HSBC’s landmark Water Programme, we developed a project which enabled us to reach schoolchildren from some of the poorest areas of the UK, where access to nature is limited for many young people, to experience, enjoy and take action for wetlands.

HSBC is proud to be a supporter of the Inspiring Generations programme, providing opportunities for school children to learn about the importance of wetlands, and visit WWT’s fantastic reserves

Sue Alexander, Senior Manager
Environmental Programmes, HSBC

Between 2012 and 2018, 75,000 pupils from 970 schools visited our wetlands reserves for free, learned about the role of water and wetlands in our lives, and began their journey with the natural world.

Our partnership has been recently been celebrated by the Business Charity Awards and the Corporate Engagement Awards.

We continue to work with HSBC through our corporate volunteering programme, inspiring hundreds of HSBC employees each year to learn about wetlands and engage in essential wetland habitat restoration and enhancement.