Managing WWT wetland reserves through the power of volunteering

For more than a decade, we have been working with PwC to create, restore and manage our wetland reserves at WWT Wetland Centres around the UK.

As one of our most prolific corporate volunteering partners, PwC employees have been supporting the work of our Wetland Centres from London to Llanelli since 2009, undertaking essential maintenance to our special wetland landscapes over the course of a series of volunteering days annually which have seen thousands of PwC team members join WWT in our mission to create a future where healthy wetland nature thrives and enriches lives.

We have worked in partnership with WWT for a number of years now. Our staff thoroughly enjoy these days and get to learn about important environmental issues whilst there

Maggie Robb, Corporate Sustainability Manager, PwC

For instance, at WWT Slimbridge, PwC teams have planted sedge and yellow flag to extend both the area and quality of suitable habitat for water voles whose population is increasing at the reserve against a trend of national decline, while at WWT Washington, PwC teams have distributed gravel hard core to the site’s outer perimeter fence to maintain vegetation growth up the fence, reinforcing it against predators which threaten the reserve’s wetland bird population.

With PwC’s long-term commitment to corporate volunteering across our wetland centres, WWT Reserve teams are able to plan essential works to our sites for which the input of a team of volunteers is vital.