1. How does WWT use gifts in wills?

Unless you have indicated how you would like us to use the gift left in your will, we will use your gift towards our priority programmes at the time for saving wetlands for wildlife and people at our centres and elsewhere.

2. Will my gift make a difference?

Any gift, any size makes a difference. Gifts in wills are vital in ensuring our work continues. A significant amount of the money we raise comes from legacies and this helps us continue saving wetlands, protecting the wildlife we love and bringing people and wildlife together for generations to come.

3. Can I specify where or how my legacy is used?

Yes, you can, although it is advisable for this to be worded as a request rather than a binding commitment in case circumstances should change in the future.

We will always follow your wishes unless subsequent circumstances have made it not possible (eg in the event we are not at the time able to cover a specific aspect of work named). The broader the area of work indicated, the easier it is likely to be for your wishes to be followed.

4. Are there any tax benefits of leaving a gift in my will to a charity such as WWT?

Yes, gifts in wills to registered charities are free of Inheritance Tax. Including a gift to charity in your will not only helps the good cause in question but may also reduce the overall Inheritance Tax liability, as legacies to charities are deducted from the value of an estate before taxation.

5. Can I draw up my will myself?

Yes, but this may well be a false economy. We strongly advise always using a legally qualified person such as a solicitor to ensure a will is correctly drawn up and is clear, complete and unambiguous.

6. How do I choose a solicitor?

We are unable to recommend a particular solicitor. We suggest that you speak to the Law Society who should be able to recommend a suitable solicitor in your area.

7. What information do I need to provide my solicitor when leaving a gift to WWT?

We have put a choice of wording together for you to provide your solicitor with.

8. I’ve already made an existing will, do I need to make a new one to leave a gift to WWT?

In many cases this is advisable, but for a simple change you may well not need to make a new will, but can add a codicil to your will . A codicil is a document on which changes or additions are made to an existing will and must be read in conjunction with it. Consult your solicitor for advice.

9. Can I name the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust as an executor?

WWT does not have the required trust corporation status to act as executor, but it is possible to specify as an executor WWT’s Director of Finance for the time being (or person holding the equivalent post). Please note that we are likely in any case to need to appoint a solicitor to carry out the administration.

10. Should I let WWT know if I include you in my will?

There is no need to, but if you do we can acknowledge this wonderful gesture in various ways as well as ensuring you are not sent any mailings about legacies in the future. Please contact WWT’s Legacy Manager, Lucy England, on 01453 891150 or via the contact form.