Coronavirus: We have made the difficult decision to close all of our wetland centres. Please see our latest statement here.

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Our plans for 2020

We’ve achieved so much with your help in 2019, despite nature facing even greater challenges. Now, we’re looking at opportunities for the year ahead.

The natural world is threatened worldwide, on an unprecedented scale. That’s why the big issues like loss of biodiversity, the climate crisis and human health and wellbeing are going to be key areas of focus for our work in the next decade.

In this video our Director of Conservation, James Robinson, explains how with your vital support, WWT are planning to tackle these global threats.

We know that wetlands are a part of the answer to these issues. They trap massive amounts of carbon, provide habitats for wildlife as well as many natural benefits for people. And we believe that 2020 can be the turning point.

So we’re going to continue to provide superb wetland experiences at our 10 UK reserves, and help others protect and create healthy wetlands around the world. What’s more, we’re expanding our work beyond our reserves to create bigger, more connected wetlands.

Highlights from 2019

Our work in the next decade will be building on some of the exciting breakthroughs and successes you helped make happen in 2019.

Wetlands and wellbeing

A new research paper from WWT and partners shows nature-based interventions (NBI) in a wetland environment can contribute significantly to the treatment of anxiety and depression.


Eels embark

Acoustic camera footage showed Critically Endangered adult eels leaving our wetlands to migrate back to the Sargasso Sea - a never-before-seen glimpse into a secret world.


Spoonie success... at last

We’re delighted that our breeding experts have successfully raised two tiny spoon-billed sandpiper chicks to adulthood, giving real hope to this Critically Endangered species.


Creating bigger, more connected wetlands

The Dafen Scrapes project at Llanelli wetland centre was one of many improvements at our reserves. We created new islands, nest boxes, rafts, scrapes and pools so waterbirds such as lapwing have somewhere to breed.


From all of us at WWT, thank you, and we wish you a very

Happy New Year!