Drone pilot for Severn Curlew Project

Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata is one of the UK’s most pressing conservation priorities and is classified as Near Threatened on the global Red List and is on the UK Red List of Birds of Conservation Concern. The majority of the UK’s breeding Curlew are found in the uplands of northern England and Scotland, however there are a number of key lowland populations in southern England that despite being thinly spread, make up a substantial part of the breeding range in England. The Severn and Avon Vales (SAV) population, which stands at c.35 pairs is one of these populations.

The Severn Curlew Project was set up in 2019 to undertake more in depth monitoring of the SAV Curlew population to determine the key pressures on the population and to mitigate against these, work in coordination with farmers and landowners to conserve the Curlew’s habitat and improve breeding success, and to determine best practice protocols for fieldwork methods in lowland habitats.

In 2019 and 2021 we have undertaken thermal drone surveys of breeding habitat in SAV, in an attempt to locate nests using a high resolution thermal imaging camera. The method has proven successful and we are looking to expand on this work in 2022. We are looking for a qualified and experienced drone operator to assist us in our survey work.

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