With thousands of pupils engaged at WWT Slimbridge per year, a multitude of teachers have given us feedback about their visit. Read what teachers thought of an outdoor learning visit at WWT Slimbridge.

'By 3:30 this afternoon I had a queue of staff wanting to tell me how great the visit was. The students were bowled over by their experiences today. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and there was a real buzz when they returned to school. Thank you so much.'

Park View School

'Many of our pupils would not get the chance to visit such a lovely place and get close to nature. It helped build awe and wonder and appreciation of the natural world and I can say it was one of the best trips I've been on.'

Woodlane High School

‘Really enjoyed pond-dipping and seeing the animals under the microscope. Delivery of the session was excellent and kept our pupils engaged. It was great to do something outside the classroom and get some hands-on experience.’

Chantry Secondary School 

 'An excellent day, enthusiastic and experienced staff and a great range of activities. We'll definitely book again next year.’

KS4 teacher

‘Our visit was worth every penny. The learning session was pitched perfectly and sparked a curiosity in the children which led them to go off and do their own research’

St Mary’s CE Primary School

'The organisation was superb and the activities magnificent. I already had high expectations for the day but the outcomes surpassed my expectations. Heartfelt and sincere thanks to all involved for such a perfect trip. Life long memories were created today.'

St. George's Primary School