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Managing our Reserve

Posted on 09 Nov 2020

Our Centre is entirely man-made and managed. It’s cared for by our hardworking Grounds and Reserve teams, plus our wonderful volunteers.

Each month the teams undertake a number of tasks to ensure the reserve stays in top condition to provide a habitat for a broad range of species, maintaining biodiversity in our wonderful wetland.

This month, the reserve team will be carrying out some tree work. Pruning: removing individual branches either for the benefit of the tree or to use in greenwood working. Coppicing: removing several lengths of wood from one tree in order for re-growth to occur. Felling: taking out an entire tree at its base.

All work in done for an ethic of consideration for sustainability and conservation of our wetlands. Any woody waste created from the tree cutting is transformed to wood chipping, that is use to mulching our flower beds and also benefits fungi growth.