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12 Aug 2011


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When my boss Sparky does a census mid-way through the season, you can guarantee it will be for Stifftails and seaducks…

2011 has absolutely blasted last year’s record clean out of the water. 

Stiffy wise we have bred 20+ white-headed duck, 15+ Maccoa, 7 black-headed duck, 6 Argentine ruddy duck and 3 white-backed duck.

Seaduck wise we have bred 9 long-tailed duck, 4 common scoter, 39 common eider. Alongside the 17 hooded merganser, 22 golden-eye, 2 barrows golden-eye 12 ring-neck duck and 10 Smew, they all look absolutely mind-blowing.

Some are more lovable than others; the little female Argentine ruddy above being my personal favourite. She was reared alone amongst a group of white-heads, and despite her diminutive size constantly defended them against all the odds. They would hide behind her in the corner as she mouthed aggressively at passers by, vibrating her down and juvenile feathers at you in that semi-aggressive way that all Argies do in order to seem more chunky. 

Apologies for a busy period, and hopefully some more exciting updates will begin to follow in due course…

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