Project Manager (Flyways)

About me

I am a wildfowl biologist with a background in monitoring, research and reserve management. Much of my work has focussed on migratory studies of geese and ducks, but I have also spent ten years managing wetland reserves. I have a broad interest in ecology, behaviour and demography using research to inform conservation and management of wildfowl. I worked for RSPB in 1984-1987 (and again in 2002-2008) and for WWT from 1987-2002 and from 2008 to present.


Out-posted Project Manager (Flyways) working from home in Scotland. Current research projects include telemetry studies of Iceland/Greenland Pink-footed, Taiga Bean and Greenland White-fronted Geese with the broad aims of documenting life-history traits of declining species of conservation concern and their response to industrial infrastructure developments such as wind turbines. I am also involved in researching the factors affecting the decline in the Scottish breeding population of Common Scoter and support the Goose & Swan Monitoring Programme.


  • Licensed cannon-netter (over 240 successful catches) and A ringer since 1989.
  • Experience of project management.
  • I dabble with GIS, ‘R’, policy and website design.


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