About me

Ecologist working for WWT since 1999 with a keen interest in behavioural ecology (PhD in rook ecology, Durham), ornithology and botany and the application of remote sensing, drone and telemetry techniques to the challenges many species currently face and in the pursuit of immutable scientifically objective data collected by the organisms themselves.


Out-posted Principal Research Officer based at WWT Caerlaverock Wetland Centre, Dumfries, Scotland; prime research interests are telemetry studies into various goose species including Svalbard barnacle geese, Greenland white-fronted geese, Taiga bean geese and Icelandic/Greenlandic pink-footed geese, with the broad aims of uncovering life-history traits of declining species of conservation concern or elucidating their response to human infrastructure developments such as wind turbines. Telemetry techniques have also been used in relation to Icelandic whooper swan and Bewick’s swan migration with regard to the latter. Much of this is UK based autumn and winter work, and in spring the Scottish breeding population of common scoter becomes a subject of intensive observational study as do the local populations of breeding waders, natterjack toad and rare tadpole shrimps, recently discovered on site, and one of only two extant sites in the UK.


Proficient and licensed in the use of telemetry techniques from collars and backpacks on geese, swans and cranes to geolocators on the leg rings of ducks. Heavily involved in the design of collar tags for geese and swans so that welfare impacts on the birds can be at the forefront of design. Licensed cannon-netter and “A” ringer. Long history of using GIS platforms and their use in framing relevant questions, practicalities of use and limitations and data needs; most recently including QGIS having switched from ESRI products. Excellent botany – including moorland and aquatic macrophyte contract surveys - and ornithology identification skills. Independent management of fieldwork, time and budget commitments on many medium-term and short-term contracts for WWT, having secured funding for nearly all work carried out for the Trust.



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