About me

I grew up in London and after volunteering for several years as an invertebrate keeper at London Zoo I gained a place at the Royal Veterinary College, graduating with a BVetMed degree in 1999. I worked in general practice for 6 and a half years seeing both companion animals and exotic referral cases. I also had the wonderful opportunity of working with zoological collections such as Marwell Zoo and the Hawk Conservancy seeing a wide variety of species which encouraged my interest in zoological work. After gaining my RCVS certificate in Zoological Medicine in 2005 I decided to move out of practice and see what opportunities I could find in zoological collections and was lucky enough to be employed by WWT. I currently live in a small village with my husband who works for another WWT (Worcestershire Wildlife Trust), our young daughter, 2 rabbits, 22 stick insects and a number of giant millipedes.

My work

I joined WWT in 2006 and have never been happier. The scope of my role within the organisation has increased a lot and there are always new projects and developments to become involved in.As part of the Living Collections team I provide veterinary care and advice to all seven of the WWT centres with living collections (with primary responsibility for individual centres split between myself and Taiana Costa our veterinary pathologist). I’ve also been fortunate to have been involved in numerous wild bird catches and wildlife health screening. The chance to be part of projects such as the Great Crane Project and work with endangered species such as the Spoon-billed sandpipers and Black-tailed godwit has been a fantastic bonus and I always feel incredibly lucky to have such opportunities.


  • In addition to my BVetMed degree and CertZooMed I recently achieved a European College of Zoological Medicine Diploma in Zoo Health Management
  • I have been accepted for training as a Secretary of State’s Zoo inspector and currently Taina Costa and I carry out regular vet inspections at all the WWT centres that house Living Collections to ensure that we are fully compliant with Zoo Licensing legislation.
  • We also deal with day to day health care of the collection animals at WWT Slimbridge and liaise with staff and local vets at other centres on health matters.
  • We also produce Health Management guidelines for any new species to be added to the collections
  • I am also a member of the WWT Animal Welfare and Ethics committee


Selected peer-reviewed papers

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Other publications

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Selected conference proceedings

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