Manager, England Curlew Recovery Partnership

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About me

After a 20-year career in marine science at the National Oceanography Centre, I moved into full-time conservation in Jan 2020 and set up my own Community Interest Company (Wild New Forest CIC) in the New Forest National Park. In spring 2020 we were commissioned by Forestry England to assess impacts of reduced recreational pressure during COVID-19 on breeding waders in the New Forest, including Curlew. In Feb 2021, I had the opportunity to join WWT and become Manager of England’s Curlew Recovery Partnership.


As CRP Manager I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the partnership and delivery of our work programme, which includes engaging with our nationwide network of Curlew enthusiasts and communicating with the wider public. I work closely with the Chair, Mary Colwell, and with our Steering Group representatives (which includes Dr Geoff Hilton from WWT). Having a scientific background and extensive fieldwork and policy experience is proving to be very helpful when taking an objective view of contentious issues such as predator control and heather burning!


  • Scientific publications (>110 peer-reviewed papers published)
  • Competitive grant capture (>£26.5M, including >£2.7M as lead PI)
  • Policy experience (especially with Defra Group and MoD/Dstl)
  • Experienced field ornithologist
  • Extensive media engagement at national/international level


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