Senior Technology Officer, Conservation Evidence

About me

I’ve always had a strong interest in nature and especially birds. After my degree at Exeter University in Biological Sciences (zoology), I took an MSc in Oceanography at Southampton University, concentrating on the marine biology components. After University I ended up working for a small manufacturing company providing IT support and development until I my current position became available at WWT.

I actively participate in practical conservation in my local nature reserve and have recently become a bit obsessive in trying to eliminate the invasive plants Himalayan balsam from the nature reserve and Orange balsam from section of canal adjacent to Slimbridge, with seemingly good results so far.


My work substantially involves the development and maintenance of various databases such as our online monitoring system, satellite telemetry database and WWT’s “Wildfowl” journal, as well as developing the websites for these.

Recently we’ve ventured into 3D printing and so I’ve been using 3d design software to create customised objects such as cases for some of our monitoring equipment.


  • Database development and management
  • Website design
  • GIS – mostly QGIS
  • Various programming languages
  • 3D design
  • Electronics projects using microcontrollers
  • Linux server management and scripting
  • Water vole surveying
  • Practical conservation