About me

Prior to working for WWT I obtained a degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter followed by an MSc in Oceanography at the University of Southampton. I then provided IT support and development for a small manufacturing company until I took my position at WWT in 1994.

I have always been interested in wildlife and also in computers, so my role of IT Manager (Conservation) fits really well.

I am also actively involved in my local conservation group through its varied practical work days and as part of its committee.


My role substantially involves providing support to my conservation colleagues with science and conservation related IT issues. I’m also involved in the maintenance and development of some of our monitoring and tracking databases and websites as well as our departmental linux server and associated functions such as mailing groups and management of data from our satellite tags. I’m also actively developing conservation solutions using raspberry pi computers and microcontrollers.


In addition to the biological training from my degree I am experienced with using a number of programming languages and software: PHP, SQL, Shell scripts, Arduino coding, Linux Administration, PosgreSQL, PostGIS, QGIS, Blender, 3D Printing as well as the MS Office Suite.

I have been developing hardware devices using Raspberry Pi mini computers and Arduino microcontrollers linked to a number of sensors and other devices.

Years of being involved in WWT duck and swan catches means that I am experienced in handling wild birds and the processes of taking biometrics and ringing.

My practical skill from my conservation group include woodland management tasks such as hedge-laying and coppicing, as well as scything, Himalayan balsam removal and conducting wildlife surveys.