Conservation Breeding Aviculturalist

About me

My passion for birds has been present from before I can remember. It was etched into my childhood and feels like it is engrained in my bones. My first memories recall learning to walk to the bottom of the garden to check our hens with their new chicks which progressed to saving up my money to buy an incubator for my 11th birthday. I focused my education on animal husbandry and took as many opportunities to learn specifically about Avian incubation and Embryology as possible.

I travelled for 2 years in 2015 and 2016 working and volunteering with many different types of animals and collections including hummingbirds in Italy, Mississippi Sandhill cranes and Whooping cranes in Louisiana, Wildlife in Rehabilitation in Virginia and large zoological collections in Greece and Zimbabwe.

I joined the Conservation Breeding team as an aviculturist in 2017 enabling the unit to expand and envelop new projects.


On a day to day basis I am responsible for the daily husbandry aspects of WWT’s Conservation Breeding projects including the captive population of Baers pochard, Black Tailed Godwit and Spoon billed sandpiper at WWT Slimbridge. My work also broadens to in situ conservation projects such as headstarting for Project Godwit at WWT Welney and trialling methods ex situ such as building the first floating feeding aviary specialised for diving ducks in preparation for the Madagascar pochard release and trialling rearing methods for common scoter head starting


  • Qualified lecturer
  • 15 years incubation experience
  • Member of various societies including Association of British and Irish Wild Animal keepers (ABWAK), British Ornithology Union (BOU) and The Avicultural Society
  • Hard core rock climbing skills