Wetland Research Officer (Madagascar)


About me

I completed my Masters degree in Plant Ecology at the University of Antananarivo in 2013. I started my conservation work as an intern at GEF Small Grants Projects Madagascar (GEF SGP) for monitoring and facilitating environment project access to local communities. Then I was a consultant on environmental education and local communities ecological monitoring trainer with WWF Madagascar. I worked four years as a site manager of the Itremo Massif Protected Area in Madagascar with RBG Kew. In 2019, I was graduated at the University of Kent on Endangered Species Management with the Durrell Conservation Academy.

Now as a Wetland Research Officer at WWT Madagascar, my ambition is to contribute for Madagascar’s wetland conservation effectiveness in line with socioeconomical development and climate change resilience and adaptation.

My main duties are to liaise with regional authorities for any aspect regarding the management and wise-use activities of the lake and to develop and implement field research with WWT Staffs and partners.


With WWT team, my work is to implement scientific monitoring and research for conservation and socioeconomical development at Lake Tseny with the remarkable WWT experiences on Wetlands Conservation.


  • Community-based conservation
  • Plant ecology
  • Endangered species conservation
  • Ecological monitoring
  • Environmental education


  • S. Ramaromanana, S. Rakotoarisoa, T. Randriamboavonjy, H. Ralimanana, L. Rabarivola, S. Cable & R. Andriambolantsoa. (2019). Diversity and conservation of Madagascar's Highlands (MH) flora. Poster ATBC 2019.
  • D. L. Munasinghe, S. Ramaromanana, N. Wöhl, I. M. Barata. First insights of activity patterns and enclosure use in captive mountain chicken frogs Leptodactylus fallax. To be published in Herpetology notes.