Policy & Advocacy Officer



About me

Whilst studying a public policy masters I was increasingly drawn to environment, climate and nature policy. The natural environment, especially our wetland habitats, underpin our existence and changes to them wrought by climate change and destruction of habitats not only impact wildlife but undermine the very ecosystems on which life depends. The most powerful thing we can do to protect these ecosystems is to push for transformative policy change and that’s why I’m so excited to work on achieving policies which protect our vital wetland habitats at WWT.

Before joining WWT I worked in a public affairs agency. I wanted to put the skills in understanding and influencing policy I learnt to work for good in defending our wetland habitats and the wildlife and people that depend on them.


WWT has built up incredible knowledge since its founding 1946 about how to protect, restore and create wetlands that serve wildlife and people and it’s my job to share this knowledge with policymakers and make sure it’s put into action. We have lost 64% of our wetlands worldwide since 1900 and only a comprehensive political effort can help stop the loss and start putting wetlands and their wildlife back into our lives.

In particular, I help run the APPG for Wetlands: a group of parliamentarians working together to advocate for wetlands and the benefits they provide. I also lead our work achieving policy change to create an urban wellbeing network: a network of wetlands where people live and work that deliver benefits to people’s wellbeing, including their mental and physical health, and increase their resilience to risks from climate change.


  • Policy development and research
  • Policy advocacy
  • Policy communication and campaigning
  • Networking and supporter development
  • Advocacy support to colleagues