Government Liaison Officer (Cambodia)

About me

After graduating master degree in a field of Environmental Engineering and Management at Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand, in 2015, I started my career in the field of conservation at the Department of Freshwater wetland conservation, Ministry of Environment of Cambodia.

Serving as a technical officer for 6 years, I have experiences in formulating technical guidance for freshwater wetlands management planning, Protected Area designation, Ramsar designation, and zonation of wetlands. I am also experienced in project coordination and implementation on natural resource and biodiversity conversation, protection and enhancement in freshwater wetlands area. I do like my role and duty very much as it contributes to enhancing local livelihood around wetlands areas, bringing harmonic wetland species and habitats, and effective wetland conservation and management.

In 2019, with a strong support from my Director of Freshwater Wetlands Conservation, I joined WWT as a counterpart holding the Government Liaison Officer position.


I provide the link between WWT and the Cambodian Government to coordinate the management of Boeung Prek Lapouv Protected Landscape and Anlung Pring Protected Landscape. These are some of the final remaining seasonally inundated grasslands in the Cambodian Lower Mekong Delta (CLMD). I also support WWT’s assessment of the status of wetlands in the CLMD, and work with wider stakeholders to advocate for greater protection of the most important sites. I have a special focus on ecosystem services, ensuring that human values are accounted for when identifying sites for increased conservation capacity. Finally, I coordinate between Ministry of Environment of Cambodia and WWT to conduct capacity building programs at national level for wetland managers.


  • Project formulation, design, management, evaluation and monitoring
  • Protected area designation and Ramsar designation
  • Rapid assessment for wetlands eco system services
  • Geographical Information System (GIS)
  • Strong communication skill and friendly working relationships