Country Manager (Cambodia)

About me

I was born in a remote part of Battambang, now the part known as Banteay Meanchey. It is true to imagine that the more remote people live, the more they are linked to waterscapes and landscapes. My childhood was filled with a lot of rewarding memories in these areas and, as a grown-up, I am glad to help conserve these, especially their wildfowl, aquatic resources, and biodiversity. I have two bachelor degrees in law and media management (Cambodia) and two master degrees in development studies (Vietnam/Switzerland) and public policy (USA). All my academic and work experience is mainly about natural resources, community development, public policy, and governance, with a strong emphasises on community livelihoods, natural resource protection, conservation, research, and project management. Before joining, WWT, I have had more than 16 years of great work experience at several local and international non-governmental organisations, many of which are similar to WWT.


I am so pleased to join WWT as the Cambodia Country Manager in order to support, facilitate, and help lead parts of WWT’s interventions of protecting and conserving wetlands, local ecological systems, and community livelihoods, especially at Boeung Prek Lapouv Protected Landscape and Anlung Pring Protected Landscape, to name a few. Things are interrelated and interdependent, and these two areas are a part of a much bigger wetland system in Cambodia, in the region, and in the world. My key tasks involve working with the Ministry of Environment and other project partners to enhance national and international recognition of the wetland sites, keeping abreast of environmental and socio-economic issues and trends relating to wetland management and governance, and supporting the development of new funding opportunities. Working as a team with other national and international colleagues is a crucial factor for organisational success.


  • Community development
  • Assessment and research
  • Natural resource protection and governance
  • Joint collaboration and networking
  • Project management
  • Organisational representation


International Mekong River Basin: Events, Conflicts Or Cooperation, And Policy Implications.