Greylag Goose (WW109)

Greylag Goose (WW109)

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A WWT Eco-friendly card: made from responsibly managed forests (FSC®), vegetable-based inks, recycled paper envelopes, compostable outer slips.

size 160mm X 160mm
blank inside

The greylag goose is said to get its name because it was often late to migrate – that is, it lagged behind other types of geese. Today, it’s hard to tell if there’s truth in the folklore, because some greylags live here all year round whereas others come from Iceland to Scotland only in winter. Whether resident or visiting, what is certain is that the species helped to create the domesticated farm goose, which was once the centrepiece of Christmas feasts. It was also the species that Konrad Lorenz, the Austrian behavioural scientist, used to demonstrate that chicks will regard the first moving thing they see as their parent – a process known as ‘imprinting’.