James's Flamingo (WW136)

James's Flamingo (WW136)

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A WWT Eco-friendly card: made from responsibly managed forests (FSCĀ®), vegetable-based inks, recycled paper envelopes, compostable outer slips.

size 160mm X 160mm
blank inside

James's Flamingo is also known as the Puna Flamingo. Named for Harry Berkeley James, it populates the high altitudes of Andeanplateaus of Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. The Chilean flamingo, Andean flamingo and James's flamingo are all sympatric, and all live as a colony (including shared nesting areas).

It is not unusual for the entire colony to participate in mating rituals at the same time. The males put on a show by vocalizing and sticking their necks and heads straight up in the air and turning their heads back and forth, as in the design of this WWT card. The female initiates the mating by walking away from the group and the male follows.

This species was determined to be near threatened by the IUCN in 2008. This classification was because the population of the last three generations has declined. The flamingo has since shown improvements which may be due to a less threatening environment.