Tufted Duck (WW116)

Tufted Duck (WW116)

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A WWT Eco-friendly card: made from responsibly managed forests (FSC®), vegetable-based inks, recycled paper envelopes, compostable outer slips.

size 160mm X 160mm
blank inside

Tufted ducks are named after the crest of feathers on their crowns. Around 8,000 breeding pairs live in Britain all year, but visitors can swell the population to 70,000 in winter. They are divers rather than dabblers, diving underwater to feed on molluscs, larvae and other small freshwater life. Females have to incubate their clutches of 8–11 eggs alone and often line their nests with down plucked from their breasts. Newborn ducklings know their mothers immediately, and visitors to all WWT centres can delight in watching the babies form orderly queues to follow mum’s every move.