Water Vole (WW108)

Water Vole (WW108)

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A WWT Eco-friendly card: made from responsibly managed forests (FSC®), vegetable-based inks, recycled paper envelopes, compostable outer slips.

size 160mm X 160mm
blank inside

The water vole is often mistaken for a rat, which is unfortunate, but it is altogether rounder looking, with a small, fat face. Immortalised forever in the character of Ratty in Kenneth Green’s The Wind in the Willows, the water vole is facing an uncertain future. In recent years, populations in Great Britain have plummeted. Agricultural practices and flood management have resulted in a loss of habitat, and the water vole has a voracious enemy in the form of American mink – escapees from fur farms.

The water vole is now legally protected, and you can help it by becoming involved in population surveys undertaken by conservation organisations and by supporting campaigns to protect vole’s riverbank homes.