Join the fellowship dedicated to wetland conservation, and see how you're making a difference

CROPPED Barnacle Geese at Caerlaverock - WWT / Steve Nicholls

The WWT Patrons scheme ensures our vital work can take place, when and where it's needed most.

WWT manages ten wetland reserves in the UK, maintaining thousands of acres of pristine habit for some of our most spectacular, and threatened, wetland species. 

From supporting the science that underpins our conservation projects, to enabling practical action on the ground, your donation to WWT will make a direct and lasting difference.

Benefits to becoming a WWT Patron

Becoming a Patron is a chance to enjoy a closer relationship with WWT. You'll receive invitations to special events, and regular updates about our conservation activities.

Invites to WWT events Updates on the work you've supported Exclusive Patrons' web area

How do I join?

For more information please contact Matt Neale on 01453 891 162 or by email.

To become a Patron, please complete our WWT Patrons gift form making a donation of at least £500. Thank you.

Current WWT Patrons

Our WWT Patrons are listed below. We are immensely grateful to them for supporting our work.  If you are already a patron you can log in to the WWT Patrons webpage here.

Ian and Jane Anderson
Michèle Bailey and Ian Davis
Dr John and Mrs Sarah Barney
Anthony and Alison Blackwell
Martin Blakey
Simon and Elaine Brown
Dr Jane Bradbury and Dr Michael Clark
Val Coney and Taff Jones
Peter Day
Melanie Fleischmann
Tony Gale
Edward Giles
Annie and John Harris
Andrew Harrison
Joan Harvey
Anne Hawkins
Mr and Mrs J J Howes

Dr and Mrs E Lambert
Mr and Mrs Ben Lundie
Rosemary Mason and Palle Uhd Jepson
Judy Matthews
Roger Miller
Lady Mary Mumford
Claudine Pendry
David and Gillian Prichard
Keith Roper
Rosemary Sharpe
Hannah Stebbings
John Stevenson
Rupert Stocks
Hazel Trapnell
Mo and Ron Warren
Anthony Wassell