From mythology to fables, swans have been celebrated in our culture since time immemorial. Known for their grace and striking beauty, they are also formidable flyers; travelling hundreds of miles to find food, warmth and safe breeding grounds. 

WWT has a soft spot for swans. They’re a huge part of who we are and what we do.

We’ve been studying Bewick’s swans for decades, investigating and unearthing solutions to threats such as power lines, illegal shooting and habitat destruction. 

Each year, they fly an incredible 2500 miles from arctic Russia to the UK for shelter during the winter. Our world-class researchers are able to identify each returning Bewick’s swan by its bill pattern as well as their individual (often quirky!) personalities. Some of our Bewick’s are even tracked, meaning we can trace their epic migratory routes.

If that has you craving more, explore our swan pages and read about their incredible journeys in our fascinating diary, kept by our expert Julia. You can also find out which wetland parks deliver winter swan feeds and stock up on fab new swan-bill merchandise before Christmas. If you’re feeling particularly generous – you can even donate to our Swan Appeal.

However you choose to support our swans, we can’t extend our gratitude enough.

Swan news

Find out the latest migration news and developments from WWT’s swan expert, Julia.

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Follow the swans

We have tracked four special Bewick’s swans so we can trace their incredible journey.

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Where to see swans

A winter swan feed is an unforgettable experience – all from the comfort of a heated hide.

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Studying swans

How we recognise swans, why we started and what this means for the future

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