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Look out for wading water rails and secretive snipe among the reeds along the edges ponds, channels and ditches. Shelducks and shovelers winter here on the open water while vibrant firecrests and goldcrests hide in the hedgerows. Red wing and fieldfare move through the reserve in December and bright bullfinches are bolder in the cold weather and easier to spot.

Kingfisher sightings increase, peaking in December and January when weather is coldest and fishing spots freeze over. These flashy fishermen like to perch on hand rails near the boat jetty to fish for roach and rudd below. They fly a circuit of the reserve, stopping at perches near the hides. A favourite spot is the deep water at the Ramsar hide.

Arundel has a roosting population of marsh harriers with up to 11 harriers roosting in the reedbeds in the winter months. The harriers arrive after 3.30 pm. Look for them above the reedbed from the Reedbed boardwalk or Scrape and Reedbed hides. Also keep and eye out for up to 200 pied wagtails and a dozen little egrets also coming in to roost in the late afternoon.