Great Uncle Arthur’s Astonishing Adventures:

Great Great Uncle Arthur, a famous Victorian explorer, went missing many, many years ago in the jungles of Peru leaving his Great, Great nephew only his rucksack, pith helmet and journal.

It turns out Uncle Arthur had discovered some amazing secrets about exploring the natural world and left them written in a special code in his journal.

Adventure into the hidden world of wildlife with the help of Uncle Arthur's mysterious journal and unusual inventions. And get ready to experience nature in a whole new way!

Time: 2-3.30pm

  • Normal admission applies.
  • Limited to 30 spaces, including adults.
  • Most suited for children in Primary 3 and older.
  • Meet Uncle Arthur's nephew at the statue of Sir Peter Scott at 2pm sharp.

Call reception to reserve your place on 028 9187 4146.

This event will run again in August. See more dates.

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