WWT has nine different Wetland Centres across the UK where adults and children can relax among beautiful watery landscapes. You’ll have close encounters with some of the world’s most dramatic or rare birds, and meet wonderful wetland wildlife like water voles, frogs and dragonflies.

Wetland Centres are safe, accessible places to connect with the natural world around you. They’re a great way to experience a taste of the wild without having to get your feet muddy (unless you want to!).

We have extensive wetland landscapes, lovingly designed so you can easily and safely get up close to some of the UK’s most important wildlife species. Some of our hides even have sofas and heating while nationally rare wild birds preen and feed just a few feet away. Our cafes overlook lakes full of amazing wetland birds from around the world. We promise the rarest goose in the world will eat grain right out of your hand!

There’s always something to see and do at a WWT Wetland Centre, 364 days of the year. You can choose as much or as little activity as you want - such as painting classes, photography courses, craft sessions, walks and talks, wild safaris and special events.            

In spring and summer, see baby ducklings, flamingos, cygnets and goslings take their first wobbly steps. Tiny frogs and dormice emerge from hibernation while birds dance and display to attract a partner.  At some centres you can drift along with the ducks on a canoe or boat safari. Or see what the little ones can find by going pond dipping, bug hunting or den building.                    

Autumn and winter at a Wetland Centre are the times to see amazing natural spectacles. Huge flocks of geese and swans arrive from the arctic to shelter in the wetland landscapes we create to provide them with food and shelter. Our Wetland Centres at Caerlaverock, Martin Mere, Slimbridge and Welney have floodlit swan feeds where just a pane of glass separates you from bird species who don’t otherwise go near human beings.

All nine WWT Wetland Centres are fully accessible, have comfortable hides, buggy and wheelchair friendly pathways, fully stocked cafes and gift shops and disabled and parent & baby facilities.

Our Wetland Centres are part of our conservation charity work to save wetlands for wildlife and people. So a fun and relaxing experience for you is just as much a part of our work as saving threatened species and habitats in the UK and around the world.