Wetlands Unravelled

A programme of contemporary art exploring the paradoxes of conservation in the wetlands environment

From 22 May to 14 November

Art, wetlands, conservation

Wetlands Unravelled is a contemporary arts programme with new sculptural, installation, video and textile works by ten artists. The art explores conflicting notions of our relationship with, and management of, wetland environments by focussing on the overlooked and hidden stories of the site.

Wetlands Unravelled is a collaborative project between WWT and Unravelled.

Entry to Wetlands Unravelled is included with admission to London Wetland Centre.

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The artists

Lizzie Cannon - Intervention

An embroidered window pane looking to the grazing marsh, using stitch to consider tensions between wild and managed landscape.

Caitlin Heffernan - Living Collections

Five hybrid forms figures, somewhere between bird and human, that have moved in and made this site their home, for now.

Sharon McElroy - Disturb_ance

Film and exhibition. Characters act out hidden struggles for habitat, food and breeding opportunities among co-existing flora and fauna.

Claire Barber - A stitch for every sound

A record in stitch of the artist’s sonic experience of the centre, conservation sites and nature during and after national lockdown.

Eloise Moody - The Drift

Windsocks made from clothing donated by refugees and migrants in London, their journeys following flight paths taken by visiting birds.

Images courtesy of Julian Abrams

Jonathan Wright
Gilded Floating Manor House

Wright explores how place is constantly remade through combinations of cultural and natural intervention, questioning what constitutes a natural landscape through a floating structural sculpture of a manor house. Find out more

Tania Kovats

Newsprint of 10,000 copies. This newspaper contains Kovats’ drawings and writings based on her personal experience of London Wetland Centre, which included spending a night in one of the bird hides. Find out more

Gavin Osborn
Survival: Lines of Flight

This is an artwork that pieces together sound recordings and research at various points around the London Wetland Centre. It describes a place where humans intersect with ecology, biodiversity, migration and climate change. Download Survival: Lines of Flight

Alec Stevens
That sinking feeling

Stevens placed his wooden sculpture in the carefully regulated water levels at the London Wetland Centre to contrast with the predicted and potentially unstoppable rises in sea levels that threaten the homes of many people. Find out more

Anne Deeming
Whether this changes anything.
Weather – it changes everything.

A series of obviously human made objects that transform with the weather, with reminiscent, but not quite distinct forms visible in an artificially wild wetland landscape. Find out more

Images courtesy of Julian Abrams and Gavin Osborn

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