WWT London

Reptile Walk

Sun 9 September

11.30am – 1pm

Join our reptile enthusiast to look for some of the shyer residents of the reserve. Find out how and where to look for reptiles and hear fascinating facts about these often misunderstood animals.

WWT London Wetland Centre is home to three of the UK’s native reptile species: common lizard, slow worm and grass snake. The common lizards bask on bridges and log piles around the Centre, but thanks to their size and camouflage they’re easily missed by visitors. Their legless relatives, the slow worms, prefer to warm up underneath logs or “reptile refugia”, squares of felt or corrugated metal left out for them in secluded corners of the reserve. And our largest reptiles, the grass snakes, are often seen swimming across the Centres pools and ponds.

On this special walk you have a good chance of a reptile encounter, but even if you don’t you’ll have an enjoyable tour seeing London Wetland Centre from a different perspective.

£6pp plus admission to the Centre. Booking essential: please call 020 8409 4400.

Image: Common lizard - Laurence Arnold