WWT London

Dragonfly Week 2018

Sat 21 July - Sun 29 July

© Kevin Edge 2018

Dragonflies are all dash, flash and attitude! With vibrant colours and aerial antics these insects are addictive to watch. Dragonflies have in fact fizzed across our planet for at least 320 million summers. Amazingly, this means that generations of these primordial insects were thriving long before the coming of any dinosaur!

For nine days, British Dragonfly Society volunteers will be on hand ready to answer your Dragonfly questions, offer ID tips and share lifecycle facts. Plus, there will be guided walks on 22nd & 27th July too. (Booking is essential).

This year The British Dragonfly Society is delighted to announce that for seven days the team will be joined by illustrator and artist Nina Lewis who is passionate about wildlife.  As BDS Illustrator-in-residence at WWT London Nina will be sketching in the field and showcasing her brand-new collection of dragonfly artworks. You can even exercise your own creative skills by colouring in one of Nina’s dragonfly line drawings!

© Nina Lewis 2018

So, why not come to the London Wetland Centre during Dragonfly Week and have a close pond-side encounter with these charismatic, summertime spirits?